Tammi Elbert Photography

Photography is my life. That is a plain and simple fact about me. I almost always have a camera with me and there is nothing I won't shoot if it catches my eye. Someone once told me "my eyes just won't shut up" and that describes me perfectly.  Some days I need to wear blinders to get anything done. 

I have been a photographer for over 30 years now. I began my career at a local news company where I learned to shoot photos that told a story. I also worked in their art department where I learned what stood out. Now, thousands of photos later, I still try to bring those 2 parts together in my photography. 

I am available for custom photography as well. Feel free to contact me for details and to get a deeper dive into the work I've done. 

I also have a large photo library of horses, farm animals, weather, rodeos, barrel racing, travel, scenic landscapes, birds, farm/country life, outdoors, and sports. So if you are in need of stock photography please contact me for links to my private galleries.  

All of my photos are copyright protected. Please do not copy or reproduce any photos without permission or purchasing the rights to it. Please contact me for more information!